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 Artist Statement 


Since childhood my life has been surrounded by art, in specific of music. The love to the scores was the reason why I submerged in its study and composition. Although at present my life is not ligature to its execution, I am convinced that it was thanks to music that I could find my true passion. Without a doubt the creation and artistic expression that leaves from the bottom of the soul. The ways to choose are numerous, some times even confusing. But I believe sincerely that the music was and still is, the beautiful bridge that lead to me until my present route, the true link between my thoughts and their materialization.


More than a photographer I consider myself as a lover of the sounds of the nature and in my attempt to shape them as much, in the memory as in the paper, It was how that I found photography; that for me it is the most effective means to transcribe those sounds into images.


I present my work like an abstract symphony, where the sounds of cellos and violins get mix and fusion with lakes in shape of Japanese biwas, like with the percussion of teponaztliz into the rustic forests of my native land.


Although now my ears are far from the rumor of the waves and the cry of the birds, I can listen and observe them not just only from the bottom of my soul, Because they have been captured not only in my memory, but also into the Silver gelatin and I can found them again every time that I put my eyes in which it is my own personal score.



Carlos Jurado

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